About Us

Founded originally in 1992, Integrated Biomedical Technology was started by Dr. Wen Wu to provide high-quality, simple, and rapid tests for use in clinics and hospitals.  Over the next ~30 years Dr. Wu developed a variety of multi-functional and unique specialty test strips. These highly advanced, innovative test systems have redefined and set new standards in the way testing is done in many hospitals, clinics, and laboratories today. To continue the work of Dr. Wu, IBT Scientific was founded in 2021.  We look forward to expanding upon the work of Dr. Wu and continuing to bring safe, accurate, and reliable test strips to the global market.   


Our mission is to provide customers and patients with high-quality test strips, medical devices and other testing products.  We envision a world in which all patients have access to safe and reliable healthcare. Clinics and patients around the world depend on the quality, accuracy and reliability of our products to ensure the safety and effectiveness of their patient care.  Laboratories rely on our products to ensure that they are reporting accurate and reliable results.  Through continued research and development we look forward to continuing to serve our customers and community.